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What could this be!?

I woke up three days ago with a splotchy rash. I am 9 weeks pregnant. My hands itch so bad! & now I’m getting this white pimple dot looking things. When I look up it says eczema. My OB said rashes are normal & to take Benadryl but this is so itchy to bare.

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  • 1 month ago

    this is related to pregnancy.  It is the hormones causing the gut microbiota  to mutate. If your doctor allows you, you can take 1 million units of Nystatin daily. Avoid sugar.

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  • Carson
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    1 month ago

    Did you take the Benadryl?

    • Alyssa1 month agoReport

      No I didn’t, did not want to be tired. I used Benadryl cream instead. Helped a little.

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