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I found a lost pet rabbit and I've never owned a bunny, so I have a few questions...?

I found a bunny that's clearly someone's pet (way too tame to be wild and knows how to drink out of a water bottle, but not an open water bowl). I had to give the bun a bath because baby wipes couldn't clean the downright FILTHY baby (I toweled and blow dried it gently), checked for fleas and ticks, and gave it Panacur based on its weight just in case (I'm a vet assistant, but we only work with dogs and cats) and it's eating fine, energetic and curious, etc. I haven't been able to find the owner, so he's (it's a boy; thanks Google images) mine at this point.

My friend owns a bun and gave me timothy hay and adult rabbit pellets for now, but I don't know if I should be giving him alfalfa and young rabbit food instead; though he IS a boy, he has no balls and his penis is very small (I actually thought he was a girl at first). Is he young enough for alfalfa and young bun food? If so, when should I start giving adult stuff? I have no idea how old he is. I'm worried; he feels a lil' thin.

Also, I bought him a litter box. He makes a huge mess hay (I'm using a little stainless steel bowl right now because his stuff hasn't arrived from Amazon yet), so he ends up eating his hay (and therefore pooping) outside the litter box. How do I fix this? Will it stop once the hay holder that comes with his cage arrives (see urls), or should I buy a different hay holder?

If I'm doing anything wrong or you have tips, tell me!



Add-on for cage:

Fleece liner:

Litter box:


He's currently in a dog crate I borrowed from work until the cage arrives.

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    Links dont work

    You don't think hes full grown? Feed him timothy/grass hay and alfalfa pellets until he full grown. Then switch to timothy pellets. Feed unlimited pellets for now. 1/4-1/2 cup per 6 pounds of body weight when hes full grown and a healthy weight. 

    Hang a hay rack above a large litter pan. Make sure he cant reach the hay rack unless hes in the litter pan. 

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