What could these vivid dreams mean?

Lately I’ve been falling into the deepest sleep, like I feel like I’m awake in them, but I cannot do certain things. In one dream I woke up, stood up from the couch (I fell asleep on the couch on thanksgiving day) but I couldn’t open my eyes.. like they were stuck? It was the strangest thing. And then I find myself gasping for air when I wake up. Then two days after that, I had another dream where I was awake again. But this time I couldn’t feel my arms. And it felt like pressure in my chest, like I stopped breathing. But immediately, gasped for air and woke up. It actually really scared me and I was afraid to sleep again. I’m having these dreams more and more, I wake up gasping for air And pressure in my chest. One dream I saw a little boy, I have no clue who he was. But he said he was my brother. He was so cute. And I tell my mom about it and she told me she had a miscarriage and it was a boy. Another dream I had, there were people standing all around me. I asked “is there someone here that is evil following me” because I was stupid and followed one of those online reading things where you give a birthday, and the last one said there’s evil around you, i unsubscribed. One person in the dream said “yes, there is something evil following you” this was a week after I read that reading. And then I saw some videos about shadow people very randomly... am I going crazy???? Lol 

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  • 2 months ago

    Your dreams are illustrations of your subconscious. The first two dreams are classic stress dreams. Both are metaphors about something weighing on you mind hence why you were immobilized. What was weighing on your mind (stressing you out) is for you to figure out. Need more detail about the dream with the little boy to determine, and the last one was just a carry over from your consciousness from the day before (which you explained)

    • Maggie2 months agoReport

      Holy crap, it had to of been stress. My dog was in the hospital. 

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  • 2 months ago

    TO ADD:

    My father is a preacher, and he had a dream of this woman in all black with no face, sitting next to a little boy in the back of the church. She was wanting to invade the church he said. All she did was point. She just pointed. Come to find out, our neighbor had the same freaking dreams. And he was riding the four wheeler at the cemetery near the church (doing yard work) And the woman was standing there, just watching from a distance, but no face. My dad hasn’t had those dreams in a while. 

    I just feel paranoid, scared, spooked. 

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