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How do I lose my nerves for basketball tryouts?

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    Relax or meditate. Clear your mind from thinking if you will make the team or not. Let your talent speak for yourself, and if you dont make it. Use it as motivation to become better. 

    "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard" 

    Kevin Durant

    I didn't make the team in 7th grade, and this quote made me push myself to extreme measures I thought I could never reach. I wrote this quote on paper and put it up on my ceiling, and when I woke up,, the first thing I would see is that quote. It motivated me everyday, and now i'm a freshman in High School and I play Varsity basketball now. It wasnt because of talent, it was because of the hard work I put in.

    You may not have the talent now, but if you work harder than everyone else, you'll get there at the next level.

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      Thanks but KD is a snake

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