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Why is he changing for her ?

Why is he changing for her? He use to be the same old person he was with me when they got together, but now he stop going to the bar like he use too, cut back on drinking, and what socked me the most is he wants to get a place with her. 

All I know is one day she got mad at him, and he got scared she was going to leave him. 

I did leave him over all that bs, and we were talking about getting back together. Talking all the time, and he met her, and just stop talking to me, and now he's with her still?  Wtf

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    People change and they change their minds. So he wants to live with her. Why is this all so shocking?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Of course the very first question I click on today is the 103984571093485th post from our resident "Why" troll.

    As you've been told 1023985710923854 times, if you want to know why, ask HIM.

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  • Iam
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    2 months ago

    Sorry, seems like he loves her more than he loved you.

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