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How do Russians see the world differently than the west?

How is their perspective different from people in the west? What are the key differences in thinking and the way they view the world? Thanks.

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    Russians believe in sheer forces , they believe in strong leaders , Russians is very enthusiastic about the country's military actions in Ukraine while American do not believe in their other intervention.

    Russian conversation is very wide , I know this from my relative in Russia , when you ask an American "how are you?." , he would just say "I'm good." , but when you ask a Russian that same question , he will tell you what happened to him that day , the day before , and probably what will happen the day after.

    Russians have dark humor, it's like most Russian like dead baby joke but most American don't.

    Russian are racist to everyone behind their back but still consider them as best friend (typical American teenager XDD) , let just say that Russian have a friend circle , anyone outside that circle is consider not friend , Russian will hate and be racist to everyone outside that circle.

    Russians see nothing wrong with drinking a lot of alcohol , they even like it , and make joke about it.

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    2 months ago

    Smiling is considered a sign of stupidity or simple mindedness. 

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