What hand saw will cut through metal best? (Bottle opener stuck on finger)?

So... today I was hanging out with some from friends. I own one of those stainless steel wallet sized card multi-tools (just google it) with a bottle opener and it contains a circular (slightly baffling) “compass” function, which is basically just a hollow ring with N/S/E/W around the perimeter . I’d had a few drinks and I was fiddling with it (Don’t bother shaming me for being moderately intoxicated at the time. I know! Get over yourself) and without thinking I put my finger through the the “compass” hole past the second knuckle and can’t for the life of me get it out. If I pull i feel like I’m doing real damage to my finger, and it hurts like f**k! I tried all the recommendations for removing stuck rings. I wrapped floss around it. I stuck it in icy water for as long as I could stand... I held it over my head for and hour... both wrapped in an ice pack and without. I CANNOT afford to go to the hospital right now, as I’m american and currently unemployed. What will cut through stainless steel, without risking cutting off my finger? No electric saws. Just hand tools!

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  • 2 months ago

    Have you tried greasing your finger or going to a sauna to lose water weight. Losing the water weight might make your finger a little thinner so you can slip it out. 

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  • hihi!
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    2 months ago

    two pairs of pliers and one trustable operator to bend it until metal fatigue breaks it. Actually, I'd try a Dremel tool with a cutter disc, BEING AWARE TOO MUCH CUTTING WILL HEAT UP THE METAL. a SLOW PACE, MAYBE 15 SECONDS ON, 45 SECONDS OFF AND HAVING A POT OF COLD WATER IF YOU BEGIN TO FEEL HEAT. Again, you need a trustable tool operator.

    Trying to hacksaw thru it may endanger your finger more than would a 25,000 rpm spinning blade. Even in a vice, that hacksaw or hand saw will be chopping at the metal with no regard to human flesh.

    As for the baffling compass... I guess you could do first grade science and take a needle (from your tactical sewing kit) strike it with a magnet (from your smartphone speaker- this is survival, after all) and place the magnetized needle on a floating leaf in your tactical mess kit, and it will point north. Now you know which side of a tree moss will grow!

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