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My dog doesnt like anyone? Can a dog and a bunny get along?

I've had my dog for 6 years he is a yorkie. I have cats too but they stay outdoors. The cats come inside once in a while but they prefer to be outside. When they come in my dog avoids them, before he used to bark but since I told him to be nice he just leaves when they are around but my cats like him and try to bond. I took in a bunny cause the owner died and no one else wanted to take care of her. They were planning to release the bunny in a field. Will the bunny survive in a field when it's been a pet its whole life? I have a room for the bunny its 1/4 of a normal sized room(I used it for toy storage of the kids but its empty now). I searched up info about bunny's and I know they are very sensitive. So should I introduce my dog to the bunny and tell him to be nice like with the cats? Or should I just keep them separated? 

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