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What is the answers to these questions in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird" ?

Chapter 6 

1. What sneaky thing do the kids do regarding the Radley house? 

2. What happens when they do it? 

3. Why do you think the neighborhood assumes that it was a “*****” in the yard? 

4. What is Jem missing when it’s all over? 

5. How does Dill explain Jem’s missing item?

Chapter 7 

1. Why doesn’t Scout want Jem to go get his pants back? 

2. Why does Jem say that he has to go get them? 

3. Why isn’t Jem nervous about the gifts in the tree anymore? How has he changed since finding the first 

“gift” in the tree? 

4. What happens when they try to put a thank you note in the hole in the tree? 

5. Why do you think Nathan Radley is doing this? How does it make you feel about him?

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  • Speed
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    2 months ago

    One chapter a day, and you haven't read any of them. You manage to present us with your homework questions every day, and that's it.

    You're literally setting yourself up for the inevitable results of a poor education. You're likely to have a lifetime of crappy jobs that are hard work but pay poorly, if you're too lazy to do the basic work of high school.

    But in the spirit of answering the question, what *is* Jem missing? His lucky carved chestnut, perhaps?

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  • Cogito
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    2 months ago

    Try reading the book, then you'll know the answers.

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  • 2 months ago

    oh my god wow.

    One of the greatest books - EVER,   By Harper Lee.


    The movie was also as good as the book and vice versa.

    RIP Gregory Peck  who played Atticus Finch in that story.

    As for your goodness i last read that book in early 1995! its been a long time lol

    Sorry I can't answer your questions how you wanted!

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