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Why did Henry VIII kick the catholic church out of England? Can you describe in detail please?

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    it's much more accurate to say that he took control of the Catholic Church in England.

    He took it over

    got rid of priests that would not accept him as the new Primate

    and kept those that did


    Although the primary reason was that the Catholic leadership would not allow him to divorce his first wife

    there were additional reasons that such a break was very attractive to Hank8

    including especially the acquisition of much of the church's wealth.

    More detail:

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    HE broke with the Catholic Church to marry Ann Boline and make himself head of the English Church.,

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    Henry became king in 1509 and married his brother's widow,Catherine of Arragon, a Spanish Princess, she had only been married to Henry's brother Arthur for about 6 months when Arthur died, she always swore that she came to Henry a virgin. As the years go by she has one living daughter but no sons,Henry is obsessed with having a male heir, he also falls out of love with Catherine and falls in love with one of her ladies in waiting, Ann Boleyn. He finds a passage in the bible that says if you marry your brother's widow it is an unclean thing and you will be childless, he considers childless to mean no sons,so he asks the Pope to declare his marriage invalid and then he could marry Ann, but the pope refuses, and after seven years of trying to get the Pope's permission Henry has had enough and declares himself the head of the church in England,he marries Ann although legally he is still married to Catherine. ( Ann has told him she is pregnant!) you know the rest, Ann has a daughter Elizabeth and later miscarries of a son, he has her executed just three years later, and of course Elizabeth becomes one of our greatest monarchs!

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