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Is AP World History hard?

I am in AP Human Geography as a freshmen this year. I had a 97 last nine weeks and this nine weeks I have a 92. My semester average is a 95. I always do crap on the APHUG tests though, the first test I got a 96 (which is decent), but then on my second test I got an 88 and then a 89 on the third test even though I studied! I find social studies topics interesting, but social studies in general is not my strong suit. Next year I plan on doing AP World History, but all the sophomores say that WHAP (AP World History) is super hard and 100 times worse than APHUG. I really really want to get an A in WHAP but idk how because WHAP tests are probably way harder too. I heard WHAP is more about memorization of historical facts and APHUG is more applying concepts but I am not sure cause everybody is laughing and saying that there is no way I can expect an A in AP World History. If any sophomores or upperclassmen could give me some insight into how WHAP really is based on standard of difficulty  and whether I will be able to manage a good grade in that class, please do. 

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    i would take that class and see and then you'll know

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    just try it and see and then you'll know

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