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Homeowners Insurance?

So a couple months ago we had two trees fall two weeks apart the insurance company paid for it but bc it took a couple weeks to get the roof fixed rain ruined the cieling and it's started to mold but the insurance company after decided they want to cancel our policy bc we made two claims...  My question is we were insured when the damage first happened and they covered it but this occured after and as a result so it wasn't figured into the claim and just bc they want to cancel now but at the time we had coverage can we still get them to cover the cost of fixing the roof? 

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    Maybe.  See, you have a duty under the policy to do what you need to do, to prevent further damage - like when it rains.  You should have tarped the roof.   It's possible that the second tree claim might be covered; but if you did NOT take any action to tarp the hole or prevent further damage, it's quite possible that the rain damage to the inside of the house won't be covered, and it's very likely that the mold (which, btw, doesn't grow to visible in a couple of weeks) will NOT be covered. 

    The bigger problem is, with unrepaired damage, and water and mold inside the house, and at least two claims on the record - you're not likely to find any other company willing to give you homeowners insurance, AT ALL.  So if there's a mortgage, you've got a big problem.

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  • 1 month ago

    Did you do anything after the first tree fell??  Mold doesnt grow overnight, did you deal with the damage from the first tree?

    They are correct, this is now two different claims, but neither would be denied.  

    Did the second one fall onto the house or block egress?  If not, then the removal of that tree isnt covered anyway.  

    They can still cancel your policy and pay a claim which pre-dates that cancellation date. 

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    maybe you should talk to a lawyer about it

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  • 2 months ago

    The ceiling damage is likely not covered, even though you had insurance at the time.

    When you have an insurance claim, you (the insured) is responsible for mitigating damage.  This means you need to reduce the risk of more damage.  If more damage occurs, the insurance company is not responsible for more damage.

    - in your situation, it would have been responsible for putting up a tarp so that rain didn't get into the house. 

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