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How to make STUBBORN molloscum go away? PLEASE HELP?

I have had mollscum in the genital (butt cheeks) area for over 6 YEARS now. i got one in college and then made the mistake of shaving and that's what caused them to spread. Most people say to leave it alone and let your body handle it, but clearly this isn't working, as they just increased in number to about 20. they have never spread to anywhere else on my body... just on my booty crack :( i already know i have a weak immune system. i have tried podofilox and natural remedies and freezing and i take good care of my body to strengthen my immune system. i haven't been able to be intimate in 6 years because i am too embarrassed to even look at my own butt.... does ANYONE know what else i can do to get rid of this? it's ruining my life.


obviously i've seen over 5 doctors and dermatologists.... they all say it will go away on its own

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i would go see your doctor about it

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