Need Help Finding Sound Effect Name?

"Da-da daa duh da-duh. Dah!"

In musical terms it would be (I think) all staccato: 

"1/8note-1/8note 1/8break 1/2note 1/8break 1/2note 1/8note-1/8note. 1/2note!"

I cannot listen to sound right now, but here is what I believe the notes to be:

C-C (break) C (break) A-B G. C!

If this still doesn't help, I can make it into sheet music once I'm in a place where I can listen to music (it would be rude in my current setting).

Hi so I'm looking for the sound effect which is essentially an orchestral horn that comes at the end of a comedic act. This is difficult because it's literally impossible to find anything by just typing in sound and I have no idea where to get it.

Thanks in advance!

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