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Regarding the .32 Winchester Special--Is this true?

"The 30-30 was designed as a smokless round. The .32 Special was brought out by Winchester using a 1 in 16 twist so that Black Powder could be re-loaded in the primed empty cases that Winchester sold for that purpose. At the time the 30-30 came out smokeless Powder was not generally available for reloading due to safety issues, and the 30-30 had too tight a twist for easy cleaning of black powder residue. Many of the old timers had a distrust in the new fangled Smokeless Powder, and wanted to continue with their old Black Powder."

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    Historically speaking it wasn't a matter of distrust, it was because reloaders had literally tons of Blackpowder on hand nationwide and needed a modern cartridge to use it in. Winchester saw this need and capitalized on it. 

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    The notion that a fast twist is so much harder to clean makes this all sound like made up bunkum. You put this in quotes, so why no attribution, Lewen?

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      Ya Higgy thats what I have been thinking Newell but we have more than one.......Thats why I dont come here much BUT they will not make me stop!

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