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Need advice for a YuGiOh card?

The card is a rival card (Dragon type, level 8, 3000 atk, 2500 def). The name is Zombie Gummy Dragon. The Zombie Gummy archetype consists of when monsters are destroyed, they leave behind zombie gummy tokens. I have two possible effects for the dragon.

1) Once per turn, you can tribute 1 monster on your side of the field to destroy 1 card on the field. If this card is sent to the graveyard by battle, you can special summon this card by banishing 3 monsters with "Gummy" in their name.

2) You can special summon this card by tributing 2 zombie gummy tokens. When this card is destroyed, special summon 3 zombie gummy tokens.

Feel as though the 2nd possible effect isn't powerful enough.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yeah, too broken. Can easily be abused for link summoning. Just use scapegoat.

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