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Is this poem grammatically correct?


How I wish I could have had

A husband with white and high forehead.

Narrow foreheads are not cool at all.

Now who's going to heal my broken soul

A life with an ugly man is harder than you think

How I wish my family name were Wellings

by me lol

(So I have a homework. Today we read a story named Hannah and we should write a poem about Hannah's regrets, as if we were Hannah. Could spot my mistakes?? Thanks!!)

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    A husband with a white and high forehead.

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  • 2 months ago

    with a white and high  (the article is important sometimes)

    period  after forehead.

    period after all.Now who is  (always better in poetry not abbreviate if possible)     going to heal my broken soul ?  It is a question right?(unless Who is the one who is) lol  Then it is a statement .. Period after soul.period after think.was Wellings. Period after Wellings.

    You ask for grammatically correct right?

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