How do you define "have a feeling"?

I have a feeling that I’ll win the lottery.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    "I have a feeling" means the same as "I imagine".

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    "Feelings" arise from our subconscious.

    Mostly they are fears or hopes that trigger these "feelings".

    Even when it is a "feeling" about someone we have just met in person, or someone we know (in person), sometimes our subconscious is "reading" the other person's subtle signals and generating an accurate "feeling" about them ... but other times it is again nothing more than our own fears or hopes being triggered.

    The only way to know which it is LIKELY to be, when these feelings are about others, is to learn from experience. Some of us mislead ourselves often, and some of us are quite accurate in these "gut feelings".

    But our subconscious is not psychic, nor is it tuned into some cosmic wavelength. The odds of winning the lottery are not as good as the odds of being struck by lightning .... one in 14,000,000.

    My advice to you about winning the lottery is ...

    (1) don't hold your breath

    (2) understand that money only provides brief distraction from our inner unhappiness. It does not cure it. And if you look honestly you can SEE this in the lives of celebrities ... money failed to live up to the "promise" of making them happy so now they don't know where to turn, so they try to drown their unhappiness with alcohol or drugs, or through risk behaviors, or even through one infatuation after another. And some of them deliberately kill themselves (in ways that are definitely NOT accidental or a drug overdose).

    Happiness is a state of mind, so it comes only from within our mind and not from external things. And what is IN our mind has been planted there by how we have interpreted situations and the messages we have consciously told ourselves. So it is really careful to attend to what sort of brain patterns we are creating now through our self-statements.

    • Minamoto2 months agoReport

      Thank you. I respect your quick writing skills.

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