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Is it okay to move a parakeets eggs?

My parakeets just laid eggs. What she had them in is a small pineapple hideaway. She has 4 eggs so far and that space is not going to be big enough for them especially if she lays more. There is a male in the cage so they could be fertile. I want to move them into a breeding box but I’m unsure if I should touch them as I don’t want her to abandon them. But I also don’t want them to stay in the same small space. Is it okay to move them?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If your parakeet has a nest box and she is inside of it, your best bet is to leave the parakeet alone to do her job. If you want to, you can rotate the egg once a month. OTHERWISE LEAVE THEM ALONE !

    • TWILUVER161 month agoReport

      It’s not a next box though.  It’s a small pineapple bed like thing. She barely fits in it. Let alone when the eggs hatch they are going to be all squashed in there

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