What's wrong with me? (Health)?

I've been having on and off daily burning on both sides at the bottom of my vagina. There are no bumps, no sores, no nothing just a burning feeling. Its on and off. Ive been doing a little better until I used a somewhat harsh loofah this morning when I showered which I guess irritated me down there again and now the burning feeling is back. I was recently tested for every STD 3 months ago and everything has come back negative so it cant be that. I also havent had sex in 3 months so it cant be that either. This has been on and off since 3 months ago happening one week out of every month (though the burning isnt consistent its mostly just itching in that same spot, it only starts to feel burning when I scratch and after I scratch I'll get 1-3 small cut looking things thatll go away in like 1-3 days) but this time I shaved right when it was going away and its been feeling on and off burning since then. What could this be? Again, I don't have any cuts or anything this time its just burning in those spots. My grandma gave me this topical steroid cream that eventually makes it go away like 30 minutes to an hour after using but it seems like the moment I do something to irritate it, it'll start to burn again. Any idea what this could be?

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  • 1 month ago

    Good question for the doc

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