Would climate be a legitimate deterrent for immigration?

I am from the USA and I have been traveling overseas for over 7 years. One of my goals is to find another nation to emigrate to. My heart tells me Russia would be the perfect place for me as I am an expert on Russian history, I love Russian Cuisine especially borscht, draniki, and medovik, I like Russian music, I am excited whenever I meet Russian or Slavic  people, I recently taught myself how to read their alphabet and I am always trying to learn new Russian words. Politically I am fanatic about Vladimir Putin and in Russian history the only leader who disappointed me was Mikhail Gorbachev because I always dreamed of living in Soviet Union. The Soviet flag was the first flag i ever owned. I used to pledge allegiance to the USSR flag in class. when all the other students said USA I would say USSR.  I used to dream about being a Russian soldier, a KGB agent, and the President of Russia. I am convinced that I was Czar Pyotr the Great in a previous life as our personality type is similar and based on his biography our life is almost identical. Most Leaders who I admire are Russian. I would honestly vote for Josef Stalin if he ran for President of the USA. In fact in some US election I would write in Vladimir Putin as President. The only negative I can think of about Russia is the climate as I do not really like cold weather.  Weatherwise I prefer Iquitos Peru or Manaus Brazil as I like the steamy,hot and humid Amazon Rainforest.

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  • 12 months ago
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    For someone who claims to want so badly to leave the US and move to Russia you're certainly looking for excuses to stay.  If you are so committed to the idea of Russia, stop your waffling and make it happen already.

    If you are afraid of a little cold you're not really interested in leaving.  You're just spewing nonsense.

    Fly to St Petersburg or Moscow, get yourself to the US Consulate to renounce your citizenship and throw yourself to the mercies of El Putin.

  • 12 months ago

    Visas aren't given on potential nationalism... you'd need to meet the visa requirements.

  • 12 months ago

    Just travel to Russia during their summer time.

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