Image processing MATLAB HELP!!?

I need help using the imregister function on matlab but for some reason it is not working, would someone please help me?

This is my code so far: 

>> figure;

>> M=imread('Close Up DC.png');

>> J=imresize(M,3);

>> figure;

>> imshow(J);

>> F= imread('Close Up IR.png');

>> K=imresize(F,3);

>> figure;

>> imshow(K);

>> [optimizer,metric] = imregconfig('multimodal');

>> registered = imregister( J, K ,'affine',optimizer,metric);

Error using imregtform>parseInputs (line 268)

The value of 'MovingImage' is invalid. All dimensions of the moving image should be greater than 4.

Error in imregtform (line 124)

parsedInputs = parseInputs(varargin{:});

Error in imregister (line 119)

tform = imregtform(varargin{:});


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