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Alcohol Allergy?

On Halloween night I did four straight shots of tequila, they were almost pretty much back to back. I also had lime and sea salt twice which I think also affected it. Anyways, I had a really bad reaction. I felt good for literally a few minutes and then my face started burning and tightening and my skin got really wrinkled, my mouth swell up and I scared my friends. I could breathe perfectly but the physical side effects were atrocious. I should also mention I have eczema and usually flare up when I get too hot but it’s never been that bad. I ate a turkey sandwhich a few hours before and didn't really drink a lot of water so maybe hunger and dehydration also played a role. I've had 2 shots of vodka before. No chaser. I’ve drank an entire cup of liquor with punch in it. And 2 full glasses of Vodka (sparingly) for a friend's birthday. and just got tipsy, nothing bad happened. I’m in college and I do like to drink but ever since that happened, I’m scared to ruin people’s night and my friends are having margarita night soon. They think it was the lime so they said they would just find an alternative to the lime for me but it may be more. What do you all think it was? The tequila(that was my first time having it)? The pace that I drank it? Not eating a lot/hydrating before? The lime? or my eczema? 

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  • Eva
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    2 months ago

    Citrus, salt, and eczema do not go together. Doing shots that quickly also could have made you have the reaction. I'd avoid tequila completely though if I were you.

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  • DJ
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    2 months ago

    Could be you need to be allergy tested by a professional though.

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  • 2 months ago

    Definitely not from your Eczema or because you didn’t eat. Could be the lime or the Tequila that your allergic to. I would stay away from both. Order something different, you don’t need to drink what they drink.

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