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what is a magic rhyme to bring ice and snow? can you think of a good one you might have heard?

I wonder if you have heard any kind of magic rhyme that might be able to bring snow and ice, I want a disney style magic rhyme, not a harry potter spell?

I also want a magic rhyme to make a carpet fly?

And a rhyme to make animals clean up the mess?


One to reverse time would also be nice too? Are these rhymes possibly easy for a muggle to use? Muggles cant use harry potter magic as it can only be done by wizards, I am a muggle so I need magic for muggles.

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    Snow Gods, new and old

    Make it snow, make it cold

    Snow, snow, snow, come to day.

    Snow, snow, snow all day.

    I wish, I wish it were a snowy day,

    To cover all the ground with twinkling flakes

    Like stars up in the Milky Way,

    With all the joy the season makes.

    • Anastasia1 month agoReport

      Thanks for the troll rhyme, I shall use it to freeze the area under my bridge and make it nice cold troll weather.

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