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What is the tension in the string?

Three blocks of masses 11.7 kg, 5.16 kg, and

2.76 kg are connected by light strings that

pass over frictionless pulleys as shown in the

figure. The acceleration of the 5.16 kg block

is 1.9 m/s


to the left and the surfaces are


The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s

2 .

Find the tension in the string connecting

the 11.7 kg block suspended on the left and

the 5.16 kg block on the flat surface. (Assume

the same µk for both blocks in contact with


Answer in units of N

With explanation please!

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  • NCS
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    for the mass accelerating down (assuming "suspended" means "hanging freely," the required tension is such that

    T = m(g - a)

    so here

    T = 11.7kg * (9.8 - 1.9)m/s² = 92 N

    unless you have some sort of compound pulley arrangement.

    Hope this helps!

  • Rick
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    7 days ago

    < that pass over frictionless pulleys as shown in the figure >

    this figure is given not just to take up space but so you understand the system to be able to answer the question.  For the same reason, we need to be able to see that figure.

  • 7 days ago

    As the other commenter mentioned, we cannot do this without the diagram referenced in the question. Attach a picture if you want help.

  • alex
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    7 days ago

    " as shown in the


    where's it ? Need diagram , figure ...

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