how to pronounce saurez?

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  • 7 days ago

    So reh.......................

  • 7 days ago

    In France we pronounce ' saurez ' like: Sorray.. The ' z ' mustn't be said. 

  • Pontus
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    7 days ago

    If it's the French verb saurez, then:

    1. By an English speaker with no or little knowledge of French:


    2.  In actual French:

    so-reh, where each syllable gets equal stress, and the EH sound is brief, crisp, and pure (not long and blending into another vowel at the end like in English ray.  If your mouth moves while making the eh sound, your doing an English ay sound and it's wrong).  The O (like all French vowels) is also brief, crisp, and pure.  Lips should be rounded. 

    3. Many French speakers use a rhotic R there (like English uses).  There is another sound represented by the letter R (that is not an R at all, and produced at the back of the mouth with the back of the tongue).  You will need that sound if you are learning to speak French, because there are places where it is absolutely required, but an English R will suffice here. 

    summary:  au, in French equals an /o/ sound like in OH (brief though).

    ez - represents a single sound, eh.  The z is not pronounced as a /z/, but it changes the pronunciation of the e.  -ez, is common verb suffix in French (for "vous" forms, in many tenses and moods, for many verbs). 

    Source(s): taught French; studied linguistics and phonology; native English speaker.
  • Lôn
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    7 days ago

    Like the Quees saying 'sorry'..sorray.

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  • Cogito
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    7 days ago

    If you mean the French verb, it's pronounced so-ray.

  • 7 days ago

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