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Time limit to respond to visa national center ?

I recently received letter from national Visa center about green card petition approval process but I'm still in my home country & not sure I want to proceed anytime soon because of personal reasons but is there a time limit for me to respond back in order to proceed with my application?

Thank u

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    If you have been approved for & received an immigration visa, that is only valid for a specific time period (180 days), and you must enter US & settle before the expiration date or the visa expires & you no longer have a visa to settle in US. 

    If you are not talking about your immigration visa, letters typically state a specific time period in which to respond to the letter (could be 10 days, 30 days). Read your letter more carefully and see what your response deadline is. 

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    It depends on what is in the letter, which you don't say.

    This describes the immigration visa approval process: explains the process once you have received the immigration visa:

    Note that unless you are being sponsored for a parent visa or spouse visa (or you are a minor child) the process will take years from when you complete the application process.  If you abandon the application process then you will have to start over to do it later. 

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