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Filling deep hole in concrete wall?

I've pulled out some ugly and unnecessary screw plugs from a wall in my house and I've been left with holes around 2 inches deep. They're a bit less than 1cm in diameter at the opening and I'd say about 5mm inside. The wall is concrete.

With smaller holes I'd normally just put a bit of Polyfilla or similar filler in and that works okay, but the deepest working filler like that I can find in the shops says "fills up to 50mm in one application". I'm wondering should I give that stuff a go and try using it several times until I fill the entire hole or is there another product that would do the job better?

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  • 19 hours ago

    2 inches is about 50mm. What's the problem?

    Polyfilla (other fillers are available) will do the job

  • 2 days ago

    i have a deep hole in a concrete wall. unfortunately I can't fill it because the person who put it there made sure it was permanent. every day it gets bigger. everything the person does makes it grow, even things that have nothing to do with me. it hurts even more without the person than with. but only one thing can fix the hole in the concrete. YOU

  • roger
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    4 days ago

    Fill the  holes with   vinyl concrete patch   or hydraulic  cement.

  • glcang
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    5 days ago

    If you’re not too concerned about appearances, try a hydraulic cement like Fast Plug 

    The suggestion about concrete caulk is also good

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  • GTB
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    6 days ago

    With that depth, unless you are using a mixture of portland cement and sand and water, plan to fill in layers. A 2 inch (~ 50 mm) depth should take 3 - 4 fillings of most patch material other than the portland cement and sand.

  • 6 days ago

    You do not have to fill the hole all the way down and would struggle to do so even if you wanted to.  Most fillers will close the hole to a reasonable depth with a single application.  If it is a bare concrete wall, you could use something like 'Exterior Polifilla' which is concrete coloured.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    I would use a grey concrete caulk.  It fills and looks good without paint.  I've used it on concrete walls and to touch up missing concrete in a brick building.  Stays perfect in all weather too, in case you're working outside. 

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