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How to stop powdered custard after being made from going lumpy in a Bane Marie?

I have been making powdered custard, passing it through a sieve into a serving jug, cling filming it and then placing it into a bane marie.

When I go to use it to serve it has gone slightly lumpy and I don't have time to pass it through a sieve again. Why is this happening?

I thought the process of the Clingfilm stops the custard from creating a skin ontop.

Or do i still need to stir every now and then whiles its keeping warm in the bane marie.

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    Press the cling film directly on the surface of the custard.  This will prevent a skin from forming, that is where it gets lumpy

  • denise
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    6 days ago

    The cling film stops the custard from 'skinning' when its sits in a bowl to 'cool' not to keep warm.

  • Tavy
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    7 days ago

    Why are you passing it through a sieve, it should not be lumpy you are adding too little milk, a bane Marie will steam it making it more lumpy.

    Sorry can't work out what you are trying to do.


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