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Why does my son think that women are better at football and should I correct him?

My son wanted to watch some football and there were both men and women playing at the time and he chose to watch the women. He said it was because the women are better and it would be sexist to watch the men when the women are better.

I have no idea where he got this stuff from, presumably school. At first I was kind of proud that he thought the women were better, as a woman myself it's nice to see women promoted and respected. but on the other hand, it's kind of a blatant lie that someone has told him.

I'm worried my ex husband will think I taught him this as well, when I didn't. He certainly didn't learn it from his father, who is more likely to denigrate the women. So I kind of really want him to learn to respect and admire women and not be like his father.

I thought about just not interfering with my childs views or maybe I should talk to him about it?

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    If I were you l'd be proud of him and promote him as a rare example of a non-sexist, intelligent boy. It won't last!

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    Is it because the women play dressed in their underwear? If your ex gives you static, you could claim that you've been teaching him to be "not gay."

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