Is it safe to put ceramic magnets under UV Nail lamps?

I’m working with polymer clay for the first time. I’ve attached my ceramic magnets ( which are intended for crafts) to my baked polymer clay. I’m wanting to coat them in UV Resin which requires a UV lamp. I have a 36W UV Nail Lamp that I was planning to use. My question is, is it safe to have a magnet in the UV Nail Lamp? 

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  • 2 months ago

    No problem, unless the UV lamp puts out enough heat to weaken the magnet (any kind of magnet). Since you said putting the magnet *in* the lamp though, not sure exactly what that would entail.  

    There's more info on using magnets with polymer clay in one category on this page at my polymer clay encyclopedia site though if you're interested, although that category doesn't specifically address resin + polymer clay (which is on another page): > Magnets

    You might ask this question in a group, or at a site like Resin Obsession, that deals with resins though. 


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  • 2 months ago



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