should i do track or soccer in high school?

I’m currently a sophomore in high school. I’ve played club soccer for around 5 years, up until last year when I stopped because of back issues. Instead of club soccer, I tried out for my high schools indoor track team. I finished indoor season and then when spring season came around I tried out for soccer. I made the team, but I also still wanted to run track so I talked to my coaches and I was able to do both. It was very mentally and physically draining and I wasn’t running my best times in track because I went mostly to soccer practices, and I wasn’t playing my best in soccer because I was always distracted. This year I know it’s not a good idea to do both, but I don’t know what to do. I love soccer, but if i did anything in college it would be track. I need advice because i don’t want to make a decision and then regret it.

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