Can a girl wear men's snow pants?

Hi im a tall girl and finding snow pants has been a struggle for me.  I snowboard and am constantly on the search for snow pants at least sort of long enough and nice on my hips/waist.  I haven't tried mens snow pants in fear that they will just look unflattering. Ive gotten bored with my long lengthen black or white or grey snowpants and I would love some different color this time around. I like at least a middies to high-rise style snow pant, which is hard to come by alone, but that means its got to be tight enough on my waist to stay up and look flattering. I've noticed drawstring options make this situation a little easier. anyways, what I'm asking is that if anyone has any ideas for either women or mens snowpants that are longer lengthed and are super cute and stylish??

1 Answer

  • AJ
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    Yes, you can wear men's snow pants if you want to

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