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First date question about ice skating!?

So there's this girl, and theres a ice skating rink opening Saturday in the local area, I was wondering what are some good questions to ask to ease into asking her out to go to ice skate?

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    2 months ago

    Talk about sports and if you have gym with her, even better. Just talk about any sport and randomly say, “Hey, did you hear about that new rink going up?” and say you were thinking about going but you’ve never skated before/ you have no one to go with. If you’re good friends with her, I guess you can just ask her out. It all depends on your style. And you got this bro.

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  • 2 months ago

    Don't try to 'build up to' asking her.  Don't try to ease into it.  She'll see it coming and it will spook her.

    Women are very intuitive, and they're better at 'mind reading' that we are.  If she knows (or suspects) you're working up to asking her out, she will already have an answer ready.  I think your best bet is the surprise attack, to spring the question before she can figure out what you're going to ask her, before she can anticipate and make plans.  'Hey, there's this new ice skating rink opening Saturday.  Do you do ice skating?  Wanna go with me?'  That way it sounds more innocent, less like you have some evil plan.  8^)

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