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Best Beginner Sewing Machine?

Hi! I've been wanting to get into sewing for a while now. I'm 18 and I've never used a sewing machine but I can pick up things pretty quickly. I just want a good sturdy starting machine that can sew a variety of fabrics (I want to start making my own clothes and possibly start quilting in the future.) I want something simple and easy to use, but I also want it to do a lot so I won't have to upgrade to a new machine as soon as I get better. Any and all recommendations and advice are welcome. Thank you!

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    Suggest that you go to a sewing machine center that also offers lessons, explain what you are looking for and that you want lessons.

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    The two most popular brands of sewing machines are Singer and Brother, which are sturdy and dependable. Both have an inexpensive basic model which can easily be upgraded by adding attachments, which are readily available.

    My advice for a beginner is to forget about changing tension on the machine. Unless you work with extremely thin or extremely thick fabric,it's best to just leave it at the factory setting. Keep the manual handy and just refer to it when you have a problem. Another tip is to always snip off the end of the thread before trying to put it through the needle, so you have a clean edge.

    If you have a lot of trouble getting the thread into the eye of the needle (you thread from the back to the front), buy a simple needle threader--a thin wire loop attached to a piece of metal or plastic. You put the wire end into through the eye of the needle, then put the thread through the wire loop and pull the loop out.

    There are many basic sewing patterns available to download online at little or no cost. Have fun!

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      Never ever ran into a machine that threaded back to front. most are front to back, industrial machines from left to right.

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    Check out, or join a sewing club around your area (there should be plenty) to get you started. You’ll pick up all the stuff you need to know there and if you decide to invest in a sewing machine, you’ll have more experienced people to ask.

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  • 2 months ago

    Brother makes some great starter machines that not it cover the basics they have enough features that they will grow with your skills. Even better they are inexpensive and available through Amazon, Walmart and more. One of the 100+ stitch machines will work now with the simple stuff and won't hold you back as your skills progress. Brother has lessons available to all on YouTube and their instruction manuals are written to be easy to understand. There's no need to struggle with an old used machine, nor do you need to spend a fortune on a prestige brand. Brother has become "the People's choice" brand since Sears Kenmore no longer exists.

    If you do want to spend more on a prestige brand then get a Janome. These are among the best and there's a whole idea range of models and machines. I've been test driving the Skyline models and I really like them. They are a bit more complicated than a simple Brother electronic machine but they will grow with you from beginner to advanced to professional. 

    Singer is getting better but they still have quality problems in machines under 500$. Pfaff is considered the gold standard of sewing machines but the price is super high for what you get in the lower priced models with fewer features. Once you get into top of the line dream machines over 3000$ Pfaff is the best for the money.

    Finally, all metal means nothing. Mechanical is not superior and computer and electronic machines are reliable and haven't been a problem in decades. Old vintage machines are more "valid" and can't do even a fraction of what modern sewing machines can do.

    Source(s): Been sewing for decades and have been teaching a long time too.
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