Charlotte asked in PetsFish · 3 months ago

Black Moore white patches new tank?

Hi I brought a black Moore 3 weeks ago and he has got white patches on him and he has had it for about a week. I have one fantail goldfish in the tank and that’s it. I know online it says this can be due to a new tank. My tank is new but the tank was running for 2 weeks before I put fish in as this is what it said in the instructions. Does anyone know what to do? 


Thank you x

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  • 3 months ago

    You should have fishless cyled the tank before adding fish.  That takes 4-8 weeks and only starts when you add a sorce of ammonia such as fish food,  dirty sponge from an active fish tank, pure ammonia in a jar, grocery store shrimp in a nylon stocking...

    I cant tell you what the white patches could be without a picture.  Goldfish may change color after moving to a diffent tank.  and with age.  Or the fish may have ich or velvet.  so you need to look up pictures of fish diseases.  And Or post pictures. 

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