ESC Inoperative 2010 Mercedes E350?

I have a 2010 Mercedes E350 and whenever I go to brake at a stoplight or stop sign this messages pops up and I lose all power. I have to turn my car off and then turn it back on. It’s done this once before, it was after I got my oil changed. It eventually quit on it’s on. It didn’t start doing it this second time until I added power steering fluid. So it seems every time some sort of fluid is added it does this. I’m not asking for you to tell me to bring it to Mercedes. The closest one is over an hour and I want that to be last resort. And I’ve contacted a local mechanic who will work on Mercedes. While I wait for them to give me a call back I would like to know if anyone has had something similar happen and what was the solution. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No. The only way to sort that out is to fix it.

    It shows a failure of the car Electronic Stability Control, which controls the engine and brakes when braking hard to prevent loss of control.

    Because your car is designed to have active ESC, Mercedes consider it dangerous to drive when it’s not working. So by default the car goes into “limp home mode” when ESC fails.

    Your workaround of turning the engine on and off again will only work for a short while. Regardless of your date you should not drive the car until it’s fixed. Consider renting a car or using taxis this evening.

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