How to use vintage 16mm lens with Original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera?

I found a Rainbow TV Zoom Lens H6X8 8-48mm 1:1.0 1/2” C Mount Lens at a thrift-store that I would like to use with my 1st generation, 1080p Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with a Super 16 sensor.

Whenever I use it there is a massive vignette and it is impossible to focus without closing the aperture all the way down.

I know I need some sort of adapter, but I was wondering which adapter I needed?

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  • lare
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    c-mount lens are essentially for 16mm movie or 2/3 inch format video. the Blackmagic pocket is a 4/3 inch format video, thus you will have a tremendous problem with vignetting. you can use a larger format lens with a smaller device, but not the other way around. as to iris control, video lenses use video feedback, so your TV lens should have a power connector and a video connector, usually it is the same multi-connector plug. if there is no such connector, then it is a Closed Circuit TV lens and most primitive CCDC cameras do not employ an adjustable iris.

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  • Frank
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I'm under the impression that the Blackmagic PCC has a mount that accepts Canon EF lenses.  If so, then you'd need to use a C-mount to EF-mount lens converter such as these:

    This is not necessarily going to prevent the heavy vignetting.  The vignetting is occurring because the image circle produced by the lens is smaller than the sensor on the camera.  I assume you were simply holding the lens in front of the lens mount on the BM PCC since it won't mount onto the camera without the adapter which you obviously don't have.  This may have caused or contributed to the vignetting - not sure.

    • iKokomo2 months agoReport

      It has a Micro 4/3s mount

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