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What is the difference between an ILS and LOC approach? What is “WAXEN” Can you circle to land to all runways? What is the minimum safe alt?

I can't figure out my assignment for Aviation 305 I could use some help thanks

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    Hi, ils is instrument landing system, in short it gives the pilot a instrument representation of the position of the runway centerline relative to the plane, the ils is comprised of a vertical indicator and a lateral indicator and the loc is localizer so only shows how left or right you are from the runway with no height information. i have never heard of waxen sorry cant help no you cannot circle all runways to land due to terrain and a minimum safe alt  height 500 ft above all obstacles 

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  • Try to circle to land at the private strip near here and you'll run into the side of a mountain - NOT RECOMMENDED.

    You come in there and you land or leave.

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  • 2 months ago

    Google or Duckduckgo, or textbooks for your schooling.

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  • Anonymous
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    not our problem

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