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I'm going to get a tattoo today but don't know what to get?

I have diabetes and am going to get a tattoo today.  I'm going to get it as a medical I.D. so it will needs to be diabetic related.  I'm really into a bunch of stuff which make it hard for me. I plan on getting it on my right forearm. I was thinking about doing something related to vikings like maybe a health rune.  But what else goes with diabetes and vikings? I also kinda want a cross with a snake going up it, like the medical sign only spooky. Anyways, any suggestions or help?

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    2 months ago

    If you're getting it specifically for medical ID in case of emergency, then don't overcomplicate it or make it so that emergency responders would have to decipher it. 

    Talk to your artist about ideas. It's very odd that you don't have something preplanned, as most artists will want to have at least a sketch ready before you go in.

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