Vintage speaker repair?

 So I'm just hoping someone can point me in the right direction. We have some vintage Fisher speakers, model 5115 (from the 70s I think?). They both work great still but one of the woofers is torn on the front. I believe it's a 15". My boyfriend wants to get a new speaker to put in it but I don't know where to even start looking. I'm running a little blind herw since it's meant to be a Christmas present and I'm not a speaker person at all. Anyone know where I could find a really vintage Fisher replacement?

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  • 1 month ago

    While that is a very nice gesture its not that simple.  You cant and dont want to simply replace the driver with some random driver or honestly just any driver.  The best option is to either have the cone repaired by those smaller repair company's who do speaker repair, by installing a new cone or surround.  OR for the amount of money it would cost you to have them repaired buy some new speakers.  Fisher was ok in its day and honestly I have never heard a pair of fisher speakers so cant say if they were and are any good, but my strong guess would be that many of the newer speakers would be better.  

    Buying new speakers and finding good sounding models is not as simple as going to some chain store and buying what the store has on sale or recommended by the sales people there.  They have no clue what makes a good pair of loudspeakers. 

    Your best bet would be to go to one of the smaller independent high end audio stores in your area and ask one of the salesmen there.  They carry the better brands of speakers and equipment and most of the salesmen at these stores are audiophiles and music enthusiasts and can help you choose the right speakers for the equipment he already has and your budget.  Now understand decent speakers are not going to be a couple hundred dollars so it might be more than you were hoping to spend.  So unless your willing and wanting to spend a decent amount of money on speakers then you might want to think of another present.  


    40 years high end audio video specialist

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  • 1 month ago

    answer: your roommate might be one of those homosexuals

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  • 1 month ago

    2 routes,,,see amazon listings under speaker cones,,woofer midrange tweeter

    do internet search under for sale w the subject older speakers

    visit best buy,a separate concession inside often sell speaker cones,particularly big *** bass speakers for car boom megawatt stereo systems,,,,measure the speaker outside diameter,,to your cabinet width and height across,and inch clearance ought to be sufficient forgot speaker impedance should be same as your unit speaker output on back of the receiver,

    you could also glue a fiberglass mesh patch onto the hole,w a half inch  clearance, then press some duck tape to make it air tighter,be neat no loose edges so it does not buzz & vibrate

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  • Lance
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You need to know the impedance; sensitivity and frequency range of the driver in order to replace it. Impedance should be an exact match, sensitivity should be with in 2db plus or minus..frequency response can be a little  different as long as it surpasses the crossover points....If its a popular speaker sometimes you can call Madisound or Parts Express technical help and the technician will know what driver to use...If not it can also be repaired sometimes, there are kits for both the surround and cone and their are tutorials on You Tube...Its a little tedious if you have never done it before and there is a learning curve involved and so it gets easier every time you do one but the first repair can be quite stressful...Also its best to replace the drivers in both speakers because no matter how close a match it is; if its not the same exact driver it will change the way the speaker sounds...

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  • 2 months ago

    I understand your wish to do such a nice thing for your boyfriend. But, this is an area where lay person knowledge just isn't sufficient.

    While these were good speakers in their day, I would suggest buying a pair of comparable and more modern speakers.

    Here's a thread from an audiophile group on these specific speakers.

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  • 2 months ago

    "Torn" - where exactly? Paper cone or foam surround? For the paper cone, things will be difficult. If the foam surround has crumbled away, there are re-foaming kits available for these speakers (I found one on Amazon).

    Vintage replacements - only in places that sell vintage parts, i.e. ebay or specific enthusiasts forums. Putting in a different 15" driver will be hit and miss, with a lot more miss than hit unless you can get the speaker parameters for your driver from somewhere.

    What could work, if you want to go the effort:

    - measure the box size (interior net volume) and cross-section and length of the BR tubes

    - from there find a 15" speaker that fits the parameters of the case

    Since most speaker calculators (e.g. work the other way round, you'll either have to simply plug in the parameters for the drivers actually available to you (partsexpress isn't the worst place to start) or find the Thiele-Small formula and solve it for driver parameters instead of case parameters (not that difficult).

    • Trick2 months agoReport

      It's the cone. One of the dogs ran into it and broke it open. The foam around it is still in perfect shape.

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  • 2 months ago

    Google search "speaker repair". 


    There are some talented people who might be able to 

    either repair or replace the cone,

    and if a complete replacement driver is the only viable option, 

    one of the best sources is Parts Express. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    try ebay         

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    • Trick2 months agoReport

      The only ones I've found close to what I am looking for recently, cost well over $200.

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