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Send save the dates.?

My wedding is August 1st 2020. I have read many blogs and articles on when to send save the dates and the average was 8 months in advanced. The only thing is that 8 months in advanced is currently in December lol. Is it dumb to send save the dates out soon considering Christmas is around the corner? Would I be better off waiting? 

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  • Foofa
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    5 days ago

    I'd schedule these to go out early in January. You're right that they'd probably get lost in the crush if sent out in December.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    Send it now.  They have to go out and now is the time.

  • 6 days ago

    I wouldn't worry about it. 

    You have many other issues to address.

    I would accommodate whoever RSVP for wedding.

    I would be fine if families had plans prior, just to end up with a small group that wants to be their.

  • drip
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    7 days ago

    Unless the wedding is out of town, or a destination wedding in another country there is no need for save the date cards.

    Most of your family and friends know you are getting married and the date.  There is no need for this extra card.

    If you insist on them, mail them now. That is it Christmas soon is immaterial. 

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  • Tj
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    7 days ago

    Send them a week after new years day.

  • Edna
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    7 days ago

    It's unreasonable to ask someone to "save the date" for a wedding that is still 8 months in advance. Nobody knows what they're going to be doing or what they're going to be wanting to do 8 months in the future. 

    Forget about sending out silly "save the date" notices. After you set the date, just mail out wedding invitations about 2 months before the wedding. 

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    how about just Facebook message everyone..... save the trees, no one cares about snail mail anymore...

    also, what's the difference? you could even do it in January, that's fine...

  • 1 week ago

    In 90% of all weddings, no save-the-date card is ever needed. The standard 8 weeks in advance of the actual wedding in generally more than sufficient for people to get it on their calendars.  The only cases when that is required for the entire guest list would be if you were planning a destination wedding where guests would need to plan well in advance for the time off and the costs associated.  If there are a handful of people you are inviting who might need extended time to plan to attend, you can simply talk to those individuals -- not need to send a card.  

    If you feel compelled to waste your money on this type of thing, please wait until some time in January -- anything you send now will get lost in the holiday hoopla.  

  • Kelly
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    1 week ago

    In most situations save the dates aren't necessary and a waste of money.  

    STD's were intended for destination weddings where everyone would be traveling or where the majority of your guests would need to travel in order to give them the time to make their travel arrangements, get time off work, get them discounts if you can at hotels, etc.  

    If you're having a local wedding and all of your guests are local (or the majority of them are) most know around when your wedding will be and the standard 6-8 when you mail a wedding invitation is ample notice.  I have 6 kids and 6-8 weeks is still enough time for me to make plans for a sitter and an overnight stay at a hotel if needed.

    My own wedding was local, in Michigan and I did send them but about 75% of my guests needed to travel to attend the wedding.  Half of my family lives a few hours away in Michigan, but my husband is from Texas and lived in other states for his education and training for his career so almost all of his guests needed to travel and were coming from all over the country.  I sent ours out about 12 months before the wedding to give them enough time to make their plans.  I only sent them to people who needed to travel, not everyone.  The ones who lived near us didn't need to make travel plans and generally knew when the wedding would be.

    I would wait until about 6 months before the wedding to send them out.   If you are in a situation that most need to travel, then I'd send them just after the new year.

  • 1 week ago

    Generally, save the dates are just another unnecessary cost (unless you've got a destination wedding)

    You could just add a note in any Christmas cards you're sending this year, rather than doing something separately.

    Generally - the most important people will know without needing a separate save the date card.

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