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Living with parents. Can I qualify for Medicaid? (Illinois)?

Hello. I'm 31 and moved back home within the last few years due to mental health issues. While I was able to get STD and LTD to the maximum 2 year benefit allowed through my employer which has since ended in 2019, the government psychiatrist found me able-bodied enough to find some kind of employment. Long story short I'm working on it but I highly doubt I will make the minimum Obamacare threshold in 2020 which was like 20K or somewhere around there since I am currently not working.

My father is disabled. My mother is retired. They don't have much income. I pay them $650 a month to cover general bills/expenses but I don't pay anything specifically. (Nothing is in my name) Most months they need much more and I always pay. (Last month I paid $1250 due to my father having an unexpected emergency)

Is medicaid an option for me? Is Obamacare an option for me? Do I have any options? Although my psychiatrist said he would see me for free if need be, my therapist charges $150 per visit without insurance and I am on 8 medications. I need something hopefully.

Trust me I'm trying to work. I was making 55k a year until my life fell apart.

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    Your parents incomes count in determining your insurance rate in ACA standards.You cannot qualify for Medicaid because the household income is too great. $150 for a visit is very reasonable. Have you checked the ACA plans in your state?

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  • 2 months ago

    There are lots of details that come into play,

    - No state allows someone on medicaid with more than $2000 in assets (i.e. cash).  If you were able to pay $1250 as a one time payment, aren't you over this amount?

    Additionally, you are likely going to fall within the loop hole of not being eligible for medicaid or a ACA subsidy due to your living situation. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I think you'd qualify for disability and Medicaid. But, I agree its best to work. I believe you could get Medicaid, they have raised their income limits  ( I believe)

    I'm currently on disability and am looking into buying secondary insurance to cancel the Medicaid I automatically get with disability. I currently cash pay a psychiatrist.  The thought of a government caseworker and government doctor prescribing under these " evidence " based guidelines scares me to death. I am on 1 medication. I am doing great besides anxiety sometimes. 

    Personally, I've found I do better without any therapy at all. 

    Again, I believe you could get Medicaid and they will provide you with everything. 

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  • 2 months ago

    In some states, anyone between 19 and 64 who isn't disabled or pregnant and doesn't have children can't qualify for medicaid. I'm not sure if IL is one; if it is, then you can't qualify. If it's not, then the next question is the total income of the entire household, including you, your mother, your father, and anyone else living in the home. If the total is low enough, then you might qualify. If it's too much, then you don't have a chance.

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