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Mier asked in SportsBoxing · 2 months ago

Why do people really think Deontay Wilder deserved a draw (or won) in his fight with Tyson Fury?

Particularly the idiot black american fans? Wilder lost all but the 2 rounds he scored a KDs in. Tyson Fury thoroughly outboxed Wilder in every other round. He had Wilder missing pretty much everything for 10 rounds. Fury was moving his upper body and pot shotting the guy all night.

Wilder is overrated and has no boxing ability. He just has a lot of power in his right hand. He is very good at one particular thing. Hes otherwise a one trick pony. Fury is a superior boxer.

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  • Jose
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    2 months ago

    Even with the 2 knockdowns (equivalent of 10-8...not accounting for the fact that Fury actually fought back & buzzed Wilder in those same rounds), Fury deserved a decision victory.  But Fury HAD to have known that the odds were against him coming in - as Wilder is American and, as an exciting slugger, has the potential to make more mega fights.

    Fury had to thoroughly outbox, embarrass, and buzz Wilder each & every round (without getting knocked down)...and they may STILL have given it a draw.  We've seen this s*** year in and year out now.  It's not a surprise.  And as for the referee count in the 12th?  Each and every ref has a different count, as they are different people (not robots)...equivalent of each & every baseball plate umpire has a different strike zone.

    That being said, Fury knows what he has to do in the rematch.  Embarrass Wilder & don't get caught.  Wilder has to start throwing jabs with occasional left hooks to set up his right, & cut the ring if he can.  That's all there is to it. 

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  • 2 months ago

    He scored 2 knockdowns...thats the equivalent of winning 4 rounds...plus some judges thought he won 2 rounds on top of that, so thats 6 rounds to 6 rounds...a draw.

    But yes i agree i feel he lost almost every round. He was outboxex and exposed. But he did score those knowdowns. Lets give the man his credit. I had it a draw as well. Deontay did enough to save himself.

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