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How can I get out of special Ed ?

I hate being in special ED I feel like I shouldn't be in it!  I'm perfectly normal but  I do admit school work is hard for me and I don't really understand some things but I don't feel like I should be in special ed for it 🤔 i don't want to go to school because of it!!   I have to ride a different buss I have to try to sneak to class because I don't want my friends to know and see me walk into a special Ed classroom and sometimes my friends ask why they don't ever see me at school except for breakfast in the morning in the cafeteria and lunch and I have to come up with some lie.   And not only that I don't want to go to school because I feel so different like I feel different from the regular kids like why do I have to be in special ed I know kids that fail Skip school all the time smoke weed and get in trouble and have to retake classes but their not in special ed 🤔 so what makes me different because I struggle academically to!  I don't see the point in going because I'm not getting a regular diploma anyways i can't even go to college with it  and I mean it sucks when you have to go to different class then your friends and feel so different and have to be embarrassed and I don't understand the whole buss thing like why can't I ride the regular buss ? 🤔 I'm not handicap or have a mental illness or anything and my parents called the buss Barn and they said all students with an IEP have to ride the short buss makes no sense to me so been skipping school not wanting to go.  

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    You don't. Be grateful.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I had to be in special ed but it was worth all the extra help I got. I graduated and made it lol. It’s embarrassing but it helps you get through school easier. Your learning may not be bad as others like mine wasn’t but it’s good it get that extra help.  

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