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Any funny experience or purchase on the Offer Up app?

Long story short i bought an Xbox one x from offer up for $350 , i bought the taco bell edition one with the elite series 2 controller which was a steal. Anyways he sold me the system with a game inside it forza horizon 4 which cost like $30. He messaged me all angry saying he needs the game and that i better give it to him or else. Upon seeing that i just left him on read cause go kick rocks for threatening me lol. Then he messages me again saying that he will find out where i live. So at this point i was like in my head , now im really not gonna give the game back especially because instead of asking nicely he asked as if i stole it, matter of fact i didnt even know the game was inside until he mentioned it lol. I already owned it digitally so yeah. But offer ups policy is final sale as is correct? Hence its his fault for not checking and it is now mine. But yeah just curious if anyone has had similar experiences LOL!

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    Honestly I’m kind of surprised he’d make such a fuss over a $30 game, i wouldn’t have been happy either but don’t think I would’ve been rude about it. On the other hand you could just not be a prick yourself and send it back to him, being dishonest is bad business.

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