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Angel asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 6 months ago

Am I right for being mad at my friend or am I just over acting?

So me and my friend was talking and hanging out . And everything was good but some how we go on this subject about sharing our high school yearbook pics . And they said I’m not showing you mine it’s private. And then tried to make me show mines . But the fact they even said it’s private just make me look at them different. Because I would of never said that to them, And what’s the point of being friends and talking if you don’t wanna share information. Also the way they said it just seem like they didn’t trust me . So now I’m just finna give them and myself some space . But they keep going on with the conversation like everything was cool . But it doesn’t sit well with me being treated like that . So any Opinions on this situation?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Now that I'm approaching my mid 30s, I've sort of created my own motto that states 'pick your battles wisely' Because life is honestly way too short and precious to be making problems out of stupid stuff. This should not even remotely have been turned into a problem that could potentially ruin or bruise a friendship over something so silly. 

    Her yearbook picture is private, meaning she's not comfortable or lacks confidence to show it to specific people. Maybe when it comes to showing it to you, you alone, will have more affect on how she feels depending on how you react to seeing it. Maybe she values your opinion to a higher standard and may be embarrassed to show you, verses showing it to somebody else or another friend that may not be as close or valuable to her as you are to her.She may not care as much for their opinion, but she cares for yours.

    Yes, it also could be that she may not trust you. She may fear you will poke fun at her. Has there been in instances in the past where you did poke fun at her about something? But even if she doesn't trust you, that could have been the chance to prove her wrong. You could have shown her your yearbook picture to establish a better common ground with her and by showing that exposing your picture isn't a big deal at all. You could have responded with something like "Oh, okay cool. Well I respect that. No pressure. But as a friend I'll always be curious." Saying this may also break down that protective barrier she has against you.

    Seriously though, it's just a silly picture that both of you won't even think about anymore once you mature and hit adulthood, and have all these higher obligations and responsibilities of life to worry about.

    You asked what was the point of friendship if you don't share things? Well, she has no obligation to you to share every part of her life. That's where you got to establish a sense of respect of who she is a person and her decisions.

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  • 6 months ago

    Over reacting. It's not that deep. Just say, fine I'm not sharing mine either and keep it. Moving

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You moron, you're gonna drive any friends you ever make away. You know nothing about boundaries. Just because you're friends doesn't give you the right to nose into their life.  And now you wanna be a sulky ***** because to you didn't get your own way. You're probably the bitchy, nasty sort that's why they wouldn't let you see. 

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  • 6 months ago

    First of all just because you're friends doesn't mean you're obligated to share everything about yourself. Both of you where wrong in this. And they could have said its private because they did not like how they looked. If you feel some type of way just tell them but it is just a year book picture its not that deep. 

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  • 6 months ago

    You’re definitely overreacting.

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