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A brief description of each please so I can start this essay ?

1) The concept of individual liberty as that relates to protection from governmental oppression. 

2) How the founders intended the Constitution to protect them against the Government in Court proceedings.

3) How the System of “Checks and Balances” serves to protect the citizens in the United States.

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    1) last topic of this essay should be ethics and governance. first topi or other topic are -

    second amendment rights + can't slap anyone in jail + treat all people + gangster+rapists_+lillers in a same manner. can't give bad room to killer in jail . he is kep away from everyone in different cell but is privided same broiled chicken if others eat.

    2_) Like if a bank manager paid his own house loan from a bank where he himself is a branch manager and he knoew his job will be in the bank until he pays the bill so he ppr bank employee mjade sure he or she gets salary and then only he will get a loan and pay for it. same with constituation.

    3) check and balancces. - subordinate to communist. one poweor to more than one power.

    there is no one boss in this amendment.

    if person A writes a check to persobn B via a Bank Name "1," Bank 1 is entitled to pay it to the payee to person B in Babnk Name "2".

    writing a documment as a check": profounds bank 1 to play the ethical -= contsituational way. bank 1 can't blame only person A if person B couldn't deposit.

    its like in a crime formed by brothers. .. everyone is blamed not one alone.

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    Checks and balances no longer protects the citizens. The idea was that the President could propose things and Congress voted on them. Or Congress voted and the President could veto. But we have a current Congress that lets Trump get away with ordering things and acting like a dictator. Only the courts have stood up to him, sometimes. Things are not functioning the way the Founders envisioned. 

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