1060 vs B150 chipset, full speed?

My motherboard is Asus B150m a d3 and the chipset on it suports 12 pcie lanes.

There is only i videoxard slot x16

and 2 x1.

Does my video card a 1060 run at its full potential or does the x16 3.0 run at x8 ?

my secomdary question is this: cpu supports max 16 pcie lanes. so if you a 20 pcie lane board would using addition 8 pcie lanes cause the videocard to switch to x8 to make room for expample ssd,soundcard, wifi  some more...?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The first slot should be wired to the cpu, so it should always run at full speed. the other 2 x1 slots will be wired through the chipset. Although a 1060 will run just fine on at x8 speeds. 

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