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Mum won't let me buy pet stuff?

So I have two rats and of course rats need a lot of things that will help their entertainment. I asked me mum if we can go to a pet shop to buy them more toys as their cage is incredibly plain and there's honestly nothing but a hammock, running wheel, and some wooden toys. She says no because I never listen to her and I didn't do something for her yesterday. Now I was like?? The rat stuff isn't for me, it's for my actual rats and yes I've tried using things from my house to put into their cage but they always chew through it and never use it so I don't see the point. Also because I'm young, I don't have money or a job so I can't use any of my own money to buy stuff and the pet shop is near a motorway kind of place so I can't really get a bus there.. 

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    When I got my rats, my mum had to buy most of the stuff for me, since I am also a child. I knew I couldn't ask for much more since she seemed to be getting more irritated. So, instead I helped when I could around the house, saved a little bit of money wherever I could, asked her to look on sites like amazon and ebay for used or cheap good toys and found so much cool stuff that even I could afford! (Around 20 pounds) 

    If you want to makes toys for them to chew since they seem like the chewing type, I recommend looking at youtube videos for hamster toys you can make with like, toilet rolls, since you need toilet roll anyway, so why not store all the finished ones and reuse them? 

    If you end up not being able to get stuff for them, I just recommend getting them out as much as you can, and play with them yourself. Pick a room like the bathroom and let them run their frustrations out. 

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  • Nathan
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    1 month ago

    You are a child, which means that she is The legal guardian of these animals. She legally needs to provide for them. She can not neglect these days just because she feels like it - that is illegal. what size cage and running wheel do they have? Rats need 2 cubic feet each, and a 12" /33cm diameter wheel is the smallest They can use (if their backs curve it uses spinal damage).

    You need to emphasis that if they do not have enough enrichment, they will fight and cause injuries that require veterinary treatment or death. They can't happily live alone, so it's important they are together in an enriching cage. Rats need to chew to keep their nails and teeth from or they will be in pain, so most of their toys will be chewed through at some point unless they have lots of other chews.

    If you, or her, can not provide this then those rats need to be reckoned to someone who can.

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     'I've tried using things from my house to put into their cage but they always chew through it and never use it so I don't see the point.'

    Pet stores love to sell people stuff they don't really need. They don't make money on the pets, but all the accessories that go with them. So they convince people that they need to spend $20 (or more) on a pet toy that "they always chew through it and never use it"

    Your mom is correct. The rats have a wheel, a hammock and each other to keep entertained. Anything else is a waste. Give them a cardboard tube from a used-up paper towel roll and they will have as much fun with that as anything, and when they chew it up?, replace it with a new one from the next used up roll of paper towels. Or give them a small cardboard box ( like from a Mac n,Cheese meal kit).

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Maybe it's because your mom doesn't have enough money to buy pet stuff at the pet store

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  • 2 months ago

    Instead of nagging Mum, perhaps offer to do chores around the house for meager compensation, or like what I di was cut grass and rake leaves, shovel snow for a few $$. Work hard enough, you could save for a really nice ratty cage and make it a Disneyland for them. Lots of good cage ideas on pinterest, and much DIY for cheap, even nothing. Hobby and craft stores have popcicle stick and white Elmers glue you can make all sorts of things for $5 pounds. Get creative.

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  • 2 months ago


    She clearly never wanted the rats in the first place but you refused to stop whining for it. And since its her house and her rules, she can tell you what you can and can't have and what you can buy and if you do it any way she can take it away 

    And since you have no job and she doesn't want to waste money on rats that won't live long, there's noting you can do 

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  • 2 months ago

    Let's see, you claim that your mother won't let you buy things for your rats. But you just proved that it isn't true. You have no money and no way to get to the pet shop beside. Once you realize that you are totally dependent on your mother for money as well as transportation and start showing her the respect she deserves by doing what is asked of you maybe things will start going your way. Until then things will remain pretty much as they are. Your mother is doing her job. To teach you responsibility. Maybe it's time to start paying attention and learning the lessons she wants you to learn. Being compliant gets rewarded. Being rebellious does not.

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